«MYO bracelet is a type of electronic bracelet that detects electrical impulses from the muscles and creates EMG (electromyography), data which can be used to produce sound by the movement of the body«
“SOMI-1, a device which by making use of accelerometers and gyroscopes is able to determine the position of a limb in three dimensional space, the speed and orientation of a movement and its general energy.”

I, together with the musician Pedro Latas, have been researching on the potential of these technologies. Last year, we gathered at Slagwerk den Haag to do the first try out of this exploration with other dancers, musicians and with blind users. It was a such a beautiful and inspiring experience that we decided to continue exploring with this technology. We aim to shape and share this process into a common practice in which blind users, dancers and musicians can learn from each other and make use of our own expertise to enjoy art together.

With this practice, we want to expand the body awareness of the people that are joining us.

Together, we will listen to our own body in space, listen to other bodies in space and react to those.

We will play with rhythms, dynamics and different qualities of movement. 

We will get to know each other through the sound and movement that our bodies generate. First from the distance, then with touch and finish with a free space to explore. 

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