This website is an archive of some traces of who I am, creations that I developed and moments that moved me and shaped me to the present version of myself.

With this platform, I wish to get you closer to my world and to invite you to share with me any thoughts, opinions and suggestions about it.


Mireia, born in 2000, is a young dancer and maker from Spain, currently based in the Netherlands. 

Mireia is a highly sensitive person moved regularly by the daily world and profoundly triggered by good art. She immerses herself physically, mentally and emotionally in the art that she creates and is involved in. Mireia loves to be invested in explorations that challenge conventional forms of sharing dance. 

Mireia studied in the Dance Artist program of ArtEZ Univerity of the Arts, the Netherlands, a bachelor program with an emphasis on artistic research and social engagement. There, she learned to master numerous dance techniques such as Flying Low, Floorwork, ballet, modern dance, physical theater. Moreover, she worked with internationally renowned choreographers such as Astrid Boons, Maciej Kuźmiński, Fernando Troya, Keren Levi, etc. 

Alongside her studies, she created several performances such as have a seat and Stick with me, which she performed at various festivals and events, including Korzo theater, Theater Walhalla, h80 festival, De Niverheid, Arnhemse Uitnacht, and the Café Theater Festival, where have a seat won the 2022 Audience Prize. Meanwhile, the focus of her artistic research took shape, formulated around the question of accessibility in dance. 

As a maker, Mireia’s practice is driven by the desire to make art more inclusive. Since 2021, she has been working on translating the visual aspect of dance to other senses, so that this artform can be more accessible to a larger audience, namely people with visual impairment. To this end, she has created two different platforms which she shares with users of blindness, most recently in an event she curated at AMARE (Den Haag, NL), in association with the organization for users of blindness Stichting KUBES ( In order to develop these practices, Mireia collaborated with the Troffel Prize nominated choreographer Amit Palgi and with the multimedia artist/composer Pedro Latas.

As a dancer, she has worked with Sally Dansgezelschap (2022/2023). Currently she is working with Stichting LIBI from Ryan Djojokaso, Danstheater Aya and Laura Dalemans, (VIERxVIER)Theater a/d Rijn.

Moreover, Mireia loves to be involved in the pedagogical side of dance. Since she was 18 years old, she has been intermittently teaching dance classes to children and adults both in Spain “Espai Físic”, 2018-2020, and in the Netherlands. “Dans Atelier Maastricht, Kumulus”, 2022. 

Video dance «With time, it will get harmonic again»
Artistic Residency with Sally Dansgezelschap Maastricht


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