Optimizing the experience of dance for users of blindness

For over two years I’ve been researching how to optimize the experience of dance for blind users. Working together with several artists from different disciplines, I have developed two different platforms that allow blind users to move and be moved by dance. These practices are an ‘Audio Description (AD) based on Auteur Description’ and ‘Movement/sound practice with motion sensor technology’.

My research flows out of my interest and fascination with the social role of art. I believe that one of the main roles of art is to represent our contemporary society, and for that, it needs to be accessible to everyone who is part of this society. By translating the visual aspect of dance to other senses, and exposing the other layers present in its creation, I am continuously investing in and discovering how users of blindness can enjoy this experience.


5/09, Dans voor idereen, CULTURA NOVA FESTIVAL, Heerlen, NL

This is a trailer of the event “Get moved by moving (with) people” which I curated at AMARE (Den Haag, NL), in association with the organization for users of blindness Stichting KUBES.

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