• Piece created and performed by Mariona Vinyés and Mireia Varón Gallofré
  • Music by Nadia Bouamra
  • Photos by Jared Meijer
  • Supported by Janivo Stichting and Culture Moves Europe
  • Collaborators Freezone BCN and Moving Arts Project (MAP)

«I’m moving, I guess. I’ve learned, through movement, that I can’t control everything; you need to let go in order to catch it again, or catch it differently. «

The Moving Ground takes the audience on a multilayered journey, portraying various forms of movement, including physicality, literal relocation, and emotional transitions.

Designed for public spaces such as cafes, bars, libraries, public buildings, and outdoor spaces, The Moving Ground seeks to reinterpret familiar environments through dance, offering audiences a unique and intimate experience that resonates with a sense of home. 


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